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Millet balls with sauerkraut

27. January 2021

Millet, the queen of all grains, is at the center of this recipe. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, millet porridge protects and heals digestive systems, promotes us to pee and it soothes morning sickness. It is naturally gluten free and actually tastes great even without salt.

The popular Slovak probiotic a.k.a. sauerkraut is full of vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid. However, pay attention to the list of ingredients. Choose one without preservatives, i.e. cabbage, salt or pepper. No additives are needed.

Once in a while you can add a piece of bacon to your meal. I just wanted to add that before you start cooking this simple quick recipe.


  • 1 cup millet
  • 2 cups water, pinch of salt
  • 3 smaller or 2 bigger eggs
  • Gluten free flour as needed

To make the sauerkraut even better:

  • Little bit of bacon
  • 2 smaller onions
  • 500g sauerkraut


dance in the meantime or sing along your favourite song. It is OK if the millet gets mushy. Let it cool down.

In a big pot heat water with a pinch of salt.

While you wait for water to boil, prepare the balls. Mix millet with eggs in a bigger. Add just enough flour to make a compact dough. I used a combination of corn and buckwheat flours. Feel free to use any kind that you have on hand.

Make the balls, that you then put in the boiling water and wait for them to float.

Roast the onion on bacon and add the cabbage. I didn’t wash it, I wanted it sour. Add a little black pepper and paprika. After about 10 minutes of roasting, I poured water over the cabbage and let it evaporate.

Done. Enjoy!

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