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26. April 2016

My journey to health. This is my first post ever posting about myself something that I consider private. I hope that posts in this section will prove that I’m really who I claim to be and that my journey to health will be inspiration to others.

Hello World,

it is the greeting that shows up on each new WordPress website and I think it is the right way to greet you all.

My name is Petra and I come from a very small town in the heart of Slovakia, Central Europe. Its name is Revúca and it is the town of the first Slovak grammar school. I’m particularly proud of that because there isn’t much else to see there.  However the surroundings – wooow – you must see that. We are located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Everything is green. There is snow in winter (always). It is not as hot in summer. In its own way it is only a beautiful small town.


I have created this website in order to:

  1. have my recipes (or recipes that I find on other websites) at one place
  2. keep track of recipes that I amend
  3. have all the herbs and ointment recipes at one place
  4. create a map where to find certain herbs in Slovakia
  5. see how I progress with eco gardening (my new hobby)
  6. tell you my journey to health

As you may have guessed, I do have a medical condition and it was also a nudge toward creating this website. I have been doing a lot of reading how diet and healthy lifestyle could improve some medical conditions and I decided to try it myself in order to prove these theories (right or wrong – I can’t tell, yet).

My journey...

My condition is called systemic lupus erythematosus. It is a rare autoimmune disease. It affects every single cell in the body. I basically can’t strengthen my immune system because my body doesn’t know what cells are friendly and what cells are my enemies. I know, it sounds terrible but one can learn to live with it. Believe me when I say this because I have been fighting this condition for more than 7 years and only recently came to terms with it (at least I’d like to think so).

Part of me accepting the condition has been the diet. I have found out that gluten is an enemy that can easily be extracted from one’s diet (especially if you have celiac disease), then all refined sugars – I am not talking only about white sugar, but also brown that is not in bio quality and I have difficulty processing animal protein, i.e. meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. and therefore I try to avoid all of these.


The next part of me accepting the condition is mental well-being. I am not there, yet, but my goal is to come into terms with myself. This is another part of my story that I’ll share with but this post would be veeeery long if I shared everything at once 🙂


The last but not least is also physical health that can be achieved through regular exercise. I don’t have to be telling you that. I also don’t have to be telling you that the stress is on regular. I also struggle with this part. I keep telling myself that I need motivation and I think that this website and the audience can be it. What do you think? Will you be encouraging me? I sure hope so.

I look forward to having you reading my posts, following me on Social media and encouraging me.




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